Painting The Way – Day 2

More photos from day 2 of our pathway painting project:

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Creekside Artists hope you can join us on Saturday (12-6pm) for collaborative drawing in Mountsfield Park, Catford, at Lewisham People’s Day

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Mountsfield Park Pathway by Creekside Artists – Tuesday 6th July

We had another lovely sunny day in Catford’s Mountsfield park, spray painting the pathway entrance to the park! Was very much hard work, but a lot of creative fun. had some very positive responses from the passing  public and children who walked past it. We all worked fantastically together and was a real team effort to get it finished. Most of us now have aching muscles and numb spray painting index fingers! Emma : – )

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Painting The Way – Day 1

On Monday 5th July, Creekside Artists began ‘Painting The Way’ for Lewisham People’s Day.  The day began with a brainstorming session at the studio.  We decided to focus on the shape of the Ravensbourne River as the key structure of our painting, before adding landmarks and motifs (inspired by Lewisham’s many parks) along its length.  Armed with A-Z maps and pavement chalk, we headed down to Mountsfield Park in Catford to begin sketching out the design… 

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Creekside Artists Paint The Way…

Lewisham Council have commissioned Creekside Artists to paint a pathway leading into Mountsfield Park.  We’ve been collaborating to develop designs influenced by Lewisham and its green spaces, and we’ll paint the pathway during the first week of July, just in time for Lewisham People’s Day.

Lewisham Arts Service granted Creekside Artists a Take Part award to facilitate the community arts project.  The work is also supported by Renewal, who sponsor Lewisham People’s Day and other arts events in the borough. 

Lewisham People’s Day takes place on Saturday 10th July in Mountsfield Park, 12-8pm.  Creekside Artists will be leading collaborative drawing activities throughout the day near the park’s Brownhill Road entrance and we’re inviting members of the public to come along and get involved – hope to see you there!

June Open Studios Preview

Well, it was us against the football…. and it was a success! Thanks to everyone who turned their backs on England’s momentary phase of patriotism and instead, contributed to an evening that felt genuine and culturally rich. Many thanks to Charlotte Forsey who played beautifully and filled the studio with grace and class. Here are a few shots from the evening. See you over the weekend!

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Block A

Well, we are ridiculously excited. On Friday, Creekside Artists open their doors to the public for the June Open Studios and this year, Mat Rochford had curated a show titled ‘Block A’ in our new pop up gallery space.

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