Creekside Interviews #1

With the big move from Deptford to Bermondsey over, our open studios at the end of June fast approaching and all the artists settled into their new spaces it’s high time to resurrect the blog!

Starting with the Creekside interviews: each week we’ll post one – one Creekside resident to another – about motivation, the creative process and our particular ongoing projects. We hope you enjoy them!

First up we have Alice Tams interviewing Chloe Hope King.
Chloe is a fashion and jewellery designer whose perfectly constructed pieces are bold, bright and ostentatious, designed for those who have something to say!
Alice is a freelance illustrator, specialising in anthropomorphic creatures and generally silly things, who also runs a small business selling her designs on a range of products.

One of the many pieces of jewellery designed and made in Chloe's studio

One of the many pieces of jewellery designed and made in Chloe’s studio

Hi Chloe! What do you identify as the most? An artist, a designer, a creative etc?
I would say ‘a creative’ is the best term for me, or a maker. My job title is a creative director so I get involved in all sorts from designing and making, to the less exciting business side of making my craft saleable.

Music or no music as a creative stimulant?
No music when I’m really concentrating on something, especially if it’s very technical, but once I’m in the more familiar parts of the design process I usually like a little bop around the studio.

What’s the best thing about your line of work?
I can do what I want! Almost complete control over daily activities and I don’t get into trouble for making a big sticky, glittery mess!

Work in progress: glitter stud earrings

Work in progress: glitter stud earrings

What’s the worst, or what do you worry most about?
I worry that people might come out with similar things to me – either through mutual inspiration or big nasty companies being ‘inspired’ by my work, it happens to a lot of independent makers and it’s always disappointing.

Do you suffer from creative block?
No I don’t, I actually have the problem of having too many ideas and not enough time to act on all of them, so I have to be very selective and pick what I hope are the best ones.

Sketches and workings by Chloe

Sketches and workings by Chloe

What inspires you?
My inspiration changes from collection to collection. A lot, given that I’m a product designer, comes from my customers – so popular culture, my peers – I have to bare in mind that not everything I design is 100% for me – the end point needs to be a saleable product. Having said that, it’s my design signature to be very quirky and not to come up with generic products so it help that my inspirations come from as broad a background as possible. To see for yourself, check out my Pinterest ( or my ever changing inspiration wall in the studio!

What are you working on at the moment?
My new jewellery collection of around 50 pieces – rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. I’m in the sampling stage right now so lots of trial and error, fiddly laser cutting, glitter, resin and other surprising elements. That will launch on my website, within the next few weeks and will be on sale at Intrigue Emporium, designer maker fair in Shoreditch in June. After that it’s straight onto my first swimwear collection – which funnily enough is what my degree is in, rather than jewellery!

Chloe herself!

Chloe herself!



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