Artists in Residence at Deptford X 2010!

For this year’s Deptford X, Creekside Artists were selected as ‘Artists in Residence’ for the festival launch.  Artists Necole Schmitz, Victoria Trinder, Emma Fenton and Sofie Pinkett transformed a wall of The Albany Theatre into a giant blank canvas and encouraged attendees to draw on the walls, creating a large collaborative drawing inspired by aspects of the local area and their day-to-day lives.  Drawing continued over the weekend in the Albany foyer, with artists Victoria Trinder, Caroline Underwood, Sofie Pinkett and David Ravenwood on hand for ideas and inspiration.  Passers-by were encouraged to step in and participate or watch the artists at work.  The completed work is on display in the foyer and cafe of the Albany, throughout Deptford X.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To find out more about this year’s Artists in Residence projects, please visit the Deptford X website.

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