Deptford Last Friday Party

It was 5pm and there was a warm excited buz about the Creekside Artist studios on the Faircharm Estate. Paul Coombs was still busy battling with ‘The Fallen Angel’ that had seemingly crashed through the roof (that explains the leaks) and readying the stage for the gracing of the Meat Sweats later on in the evening. Necole Schmitz was putting the final touches to ‘Bat The Rat’, the game currently occupying the corridor leading to the studios. This evening the prize for managing to bat one of the felt rats that came shooting out of Damien Hirst’s mouth was a slice of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie – YUM.

The Queen Creek built by our in-house all talented star Herve Boscher (yes he builds bars aswell as makes amazing jewellery)  looked amazing, fully stocked and ready for the eager punters and the Creeksiders pulled themselves and their studio spaces together to make the place an interesting groto-esk abode.

As party goers began to arrive, the music started and the vibe kicked off. The Meat Sweats came on and the crowd gathered to listen to the er… sounds. The tribute to Dave was a keen favourite.


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