Saturday Celebration Day

Today was a day that marked the end of the project. No drawing today… well kind of. The Creeksiders set up a table with a slideshow of some of the photographs taken over the week and invited the public to stick post-it notes on the drawings to illustrate which bits they liked/disliked/were inspired by etc

The limited edition prints were also for sale, these are mentioned a little earlier on in the blog but just incase you missed it (and to save you scrolling down – though saying that it is worth a look at all the images) the prints are a collaboration of the work produced by the artists from the studio. They are signed on the back and mark the start of a collection. Only 30 were printed and there may only be a few left so if you are keen to support the studio for further community events then please get yourself down tomorrow for the last evaluation day and the your chance to buy one.

There was an acoustic duo accompanying the Creeksiders today – a bit of class jaz jamming. The vibe was cool.

Meet you there tomorrow for the last day. Er how are the Creeksiders going to fill up their weeks post-marathon? What does one do when not taking part in a big draw? Watch this space…




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