Elissa Turnbull

As Monday drew to a close and the Creeksiders and participants worked for the last hour they were greeted by Elissa Turnball. It is always nice to have artists from various places who have heard about the project to come and draw though the Creeksiders were not quite ready for the pleasant surprise when they heard where Elissa had travelled from!

Based in Toronto, Elissa found out about the collaborative project and decided it was the perfect excuse to come half way across the world for a visit. Here is what we said when we chatted:

Creekside: Hi Elissa, fantastic to have you here, how did you find out about the Creekside Drawing Marathon?

Elissa: On line! I think I book marked the ad to read a bit later on, then accidently clicked on it – and there it was! My brother (Simon) lives in London so I thought I would pay him a visit and take part in the project for the week. Simon used to spend a lot of time in Deptford for work so he knows the area pretty well.

Creekside: Have you visited this area before?

Elissa: No, its cool though, there seems to be tonnes going on, lots of studios and interaction in the area.

Creekside: So what do you do at home?

Elissa: I keep a studio, I make sculptures out of garbage and installations… I draw and paint too, and I am a gardener.

Creekside: Have you ever destroyed a piece of work?

Elissa: Most of my work! Either out of the window, in the garbage, painted over, used as furniture… there is a lot of smashing!

Creekside: Sounds like fun!

Elissa: Yeah there is a lot of recycling.

Creekside: So are you concerned about the environment?

Elissa: Well my work is very big and I can’t keep it all so that is why I tend to recycle things – so it is kind of a practical reason though there is a relation to my concern to the environment.

Creekside: Who are your influences?

Elissa: There are so many names! I think maybe none of them are famous in fact probably all of them are unknown to you… people I know, I have lived with or worked with, people around me… actually can I get back to you on that?

Creekside: Yes please do, though it is a tough question! (Elissa is getting back to us this one so we can make links to the web pages…)

Creekside: Ok, so this is a question we have been asking the other Creeksiders… What is your name and do you like it?

Elissa: Elissa Turnball. I like my first name and I have thought about changing my last name but I probably never will!

Elissa is with us all week at the Albany so if you are thinking of making it down to draw with the Creeksiders look out for out international friend! Click here for Elissa’s website



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