Open Studios and Drawing Marathon Day Two

The Albany shut it’s doors at 2pm today so the Creeksiders and participant artists took their materials outside and drew on the floors and the walls of the surrounding area. What a glorious day it was. Being outside was fantastic not only due to the beautiful weather but also because it meant that passers by had the opportunity to see what was going on. A few students turned up and many members of the public joined forces to make some splendid pieces which were carefully collected and saved for the show at the end of the week. Things are going really well indicating a dynamic and interesting show on Saturday.

Many visitors came through the Creekside Studios again today, the vibe was a positive and relaxing one.

We sold a few of our limited edition prints too which have been collaboratively made in order to raise money for the running of the studios – these are still for sale and will be on sale at the Albany all week so please buy one if you would like to support our studios (and obviously have the opportunity to enjoy such a great print).









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